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Our Mission

Anjeli Press was created in the hope that it will spread values of
peace, wisdom, and merciful living through the books it publishes.

The founders of Anjeli Press hope that through the words they publish
they will plant seeds that sprout, spread, and contribute
to the dissemination of truth, love, and compassion
towards all people, all beings, and all creation.

The founders sincerely believe that if humankind
seeks to sustain and perpetuate the existence of life on this planet, it must:
tread gently upon our precious earth,
treat all creation with respect and appreciation,
and recognize that all created beings possess the same longings
for peace and safety as do all others.

The term “Anjeli Press”
A blending of Hindu and Western spiritual beliefs.

The Hindu gesture of placing one’s hands together, bowing to the essence of God within
another individual. This recognizes God within all people, all beings, and all creation.

The Western concept of a benevolent spiritual guide, an angel, that exists in a realm
between God and humankind.

Anjeli Press hopes that its book will contribute to the spiritual evolution world peace.

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