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The Vegetarian

Written and Illustrated by
Holly Harlayne Roberts

Mahatma Gandhi was born into a vegetarian family, lived in a vegetarian country, and belonged to a vegetarian faith. But beyond his heritage, Gandhi was a vegetarian by choice—by strong choice. Although Gandhi’s vegetarian values were deeply rooted in his religion, they grew within his heart. He believed the only reason to be vegetarian was a moral one.

As a Hindu, Gandhi envisioned the soul of God within each being. He identified himself with all that lives, and felt compassion, pity, and brotherhood with all. He considered any act of killing another being a sin. Gandhi believed that humankind must follow a path of non-violence, non-abundance, and merciful living, for life on this planet to sustain itself. This book describes the health related, moral, spiritual, and compassionate vegetarian philosophies of this great man.

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