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Vegetarian Philosophy Of India

Hindu, Buddhist and Jain Sacred Teachings

Written and Illustrated by
Holly Harlayne Roberts

This book discusses those sacred teachings of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain faiths that have led billions of people of the subcontinent of India to live as vegetarians. It begins by delving into the foundational teachings of the Hindu faith, particularly the concept that the soul of God is present within each and every being.

It explains the Laws of Karma and Rebirth of India’s three vegetarian faiths, the Hindu, Buddhist and Jain faiths, and how these lead one to recognize that within the eternal cycle of existence, all creation is truly one. It is with such an understanding, that the people of India have chosen lives of nonviolence and compassion towards all people, all creatures, and all creation, and would not even consider any lifestyle other than a vegetarian one.




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