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Vegetarian Christian Saints

Mystics, Ascetics and Monks

Written and Illustrated by
Holly Harlayne Roberts

This book tells the life stories, motivations, and ideals of over one hundred and fifty saints canonized by the early Catholic Church. Most lived prior to the time the Church separated into Roman Catholic, Eastern, and Protestant denominations, and accordingly their values represented the values of all Christians.

This book tells of each saint’s longings, ideals, and commitments, and is also a glimpse into the vegetarian path that early Christianity had been taking. Included are well-known saints such as Saint Benedict, Genevieve, Jean-Marie Vianney, Jerome, Catherine of Siena, Elizabeth of Hungary, Dominic, Rita of Cascia, and Francis of Assisi. It is for people of all faiths who wish to learn how beliefs in nonviolence, merciful living, and the sanctity of life are firmly embedded within the roots of Christianity.



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