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Doctrine of Inner Peace

Doctrine of the Mean

Translated and Illustrated by
Holly Harlayne Roberts

The Doctrine of Inner Peace is one of the most beautiful and meaningful of all the Chinese classical texts. Written over two thousand years ago, it sheds light upon the wisdom that has molded Eastern thought from antiquity to the present time. It is believed that it was written by Tsze-sze, the grandson of Confucius, approximately 400 BCE, in an attempt to preserve the wisdom he gained from his grandfather/

Tsze-sze possessed a highly evolved soul. He engaged in quiet study and reflection, and lived as a contemplative ascetic. Within such an ascetic life, his wisdom flourished. His writings reveal that he possessed great understanding of Confucian, Taoist, and Buddhist concepts. He incorporates and blends these concepts together to help others elevate their character and to grow closer to a life of balanced harmony—a life in harmony with creation and with all that must come to pass. The Doctrine’s concepts, being both simple and transcendent, guide one to the attainment of inner peace. It is truly a masterpiece of Chinese philosophical thought.

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