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Your Vegetarian Pregnancy

A Month-by-Month Guide to
Health and Nutrition

Written by Holly Harlayne Roberts

This book combines the knowledge Dr. Holly Roberts accumulated during her thirty years as both a physician and a compassionate vegetarian. Having practiced medicine as an obstetrician-gynecologist, and having given birth to and raised three vegetarian children herself, Dr. Roberts recognizes the concerns parents have concerning the health of their children. She has tremendous respect for those parents who wish to fulfill their pregnancies as vegetarians and addresses all of their nutritional needs as they relate to creating the optimum health for every pregnant woman and her baby.

The book combines Dr. Roberts' medical knowledge and experience with information from respected medical journals and texts. It is an essential for all parents-to-be who wish to give birth to the healthiest children possible while holding firm to their ideals of nonviolent, responsible, and merciful living.


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