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The publishing company for those who wish to live without inflicting pain, fear, suffering or death upon any innocent beings.

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Following is a list of books we have written and published – all available at Amazon.com.





“Compassionate Vegetarians


Analects of Confucius


Junia - Gentle Soul of the Holocaust


Sculptures of New York's Central Park

Garlands - a Journey of Hope and Courage


Our Mission

Through our writings, we hope to disseminate the wisdom that all beings possess the same desires for peace and life, that we do. Unless their existence is harmful to ours, we have no reason to rob them of their simple chance to live. Without a doubt, there is no need to consume the flesh of any other being. The millennium old belief that it is necessary to consume flesh, is simply a myth, and an atrocity beyond belief.

Our name, “Anjeli Press,” is an adaptation of the Hindu “Anjali” – the placing of your hands together and gently bowing to the essence of the Great Unknown within the other individual. Our hope is that together, we can spread the simple truth that all beings possess the same desire to live – that we do. As the most blessed species on earth, we should have enough compassion to let them do so.

I am not on social media, as I prefer a peaceful, humble, anonymous life. However, those of kindred spirit – please feel free to view our other site VegetarianWisdom.com for up-to-date Vegetarian Medical Information, or contact me through Anjeli Press  anjelipress@gmail.com.

Thank you, Holly Harlayne Roberts, DO, PhD.

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